a zine on: the responsibilities of images makers (2018)

for creators of images, consumers of images, and everyone in between. this zine attempts to question topics around the power dynamics of the camera, visibility and representation in media, and responsibilities of the audience/consumers of imagery

This zine was made possible by Yaelle Amir, Kerry Yamaucci, and Emily Fitzgerald. The quotes found within this zine are from a discussion we had in Portland, Oregon, hosted by Works Progress Agency. This zine was produce and made during Kaija's time as an artist in residence at Works Progress Agency. It was released on July 6th, 2018, at Kaija's solo show with Works Progress Agency. 

This zine is available free online. Please consider paying for a digital download to show support for the labor that Kaija has put into this informational tool. Kaija's venmo is @kaijajx 

Digital Download and Printed copies will be up for sale shortly.