Kaija Xiao is a multimedia artist and academic living in Brooklyn, NY. She is a chef, writer, model, and designer of all things printed. She is interested in the intersection of queer spaces and community and the political economy of food politics in urban ecologies. 
She currently hosts, cooks, and curates a bi weekly queer supper club called wiggle with Julia Gutman. She recently wrote "a zine of the responsibilities of image makers 2018", which explores the power dynamics in photography, issues of trans visibility, and pushes readers to make subject lead art. She also wrote her International Affairs thesis: "Imperialist Defiant Policy Futures in Semi-Periphery States" exploring issues of anti-gmo activism, corporate ownership of seeds, and food security. Kaija is currently assistant to artist, filmmaker and activist Tourmaline
In 2018, Kaija was assistant editor of trains zine 3, collaborative zine for artists and creatives who stray from cis-normative boundaries of gender. Kaija was Aperture Foundation's Production Work Scholar where she helped produce a number of artist monographs including Ethan James Green: Young New York​, ​Hank Willis Thomas: All Things Being Equal, and Aperture Magazine.
Kaija's has been commissioned for various editorial work such as shooting Billie Eilish for California Sunday. She has also modeled for photographers and publications such as Andrés Navarro for i-D Mexico and Holly Andres for New York Magazine. 
Kaija is available for modeling, photography, writing, and catering events and can be contact via booking@kaijajx.com