peeing and standing (2018)

35mm film, inkjet prints, plywood, wood, fishing line, 12ft x 12ft

Queerness exists everywhere, but it is often pushed to the margins of society, outcasted and legislated against. This project aims at centering queerness, creating a safe space to center queer visibility and representation.

During a time when trans visibility is at an all time high, representation in media is often fixated on stories of transition, and the novelty that goes along with that. This work attempts to subvert those common, voyeuristic narratives by expanding representation to include the simple, complex, everydayness of humans who are queer. Doing the everyday, playful and non-sensationalized, is an act of defiance.

tributariesWilliamson Knight Gallery, Portland, OR. curated by First Brick

Lewis & Clark Senior Show – Arnold Gallery - Portland, OR., funded by Student Academic Affairs Board Grant